Women In Engineering 

To celebrate Women in Engineering Day (Saturday 23rd June), we would like to introduce Noga Sella, from Sapphire's engineering team...


G40 Single Beam Case Xray

The G40 xray series is designed for large packaged products and cartons. A wide range of sizes and sensitivities are available with inspection widths ranging from 16 to 40"

G40 xray systems are deployed in the food processing industry for packaged products and cases containing a variety of snack foods, bulk product, meat and dairy product. Advanced linear array technology enables the G40 series of machines to demonstrate superior performance in identifying contaminants in cases, such as metal, stone and glass and confirming package contents.

The Sapphire G40 conveyor inspection systems can inspect virtually any cased product flows that can travel by conveyor. They will guarantee your product and packaging integrity, so vital to commercial success and brand reputation