Women In Engineering 

To celebrate Women in Engineering Day (Saturday 23rd June), we would like to introduce Noga Sella, from Sapphire's engineering team...


G80 Dual Beam Case Xray

The Sapphire G80 series of Inspection Systems is designed for inspection of large products and cases. Like other series within the wide range of Sapphire automatic Xray inspection systems, it is unrivalled in the industry for sensitivity, speed and sophistication of detection. The systems can inspect virtually any discrete packaged items or continuous bulk product flows that can travel by conveyor, up to 400mm high by 400mm wide. The G80 series is deployed in the food industry for large cases and blocks of products, including snack-foods (chips, nuts, and extruded products), dairy products (blocks of cheese, fats, liquid cheese) and tobacco products.

The G80’s dual linear array technology ensures that every part of the product is fully inspected, right up to the top corners. A unique dual beam geometry ensures that full coverage is achieved so that contaminants which are not visible in one direction will be detected in the other orientation. The G80 series demonstrates superior performance in identifying contaminants such as metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics. It also scans for missing or broken products, detecting packing voids and confirming fill levels, to guarantee your product and packaging integrity. The series is designed for simple and efficient operation, with fully adaptive inspection and easy to understand operating procedures. This system will guarantee your product and packaging integrity, so vital to commercial success and brand reputation.